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BDA Blog

BDA Blog

Print advertising vs Online advertising

Mike Hallwright - Thursday, April 26, 2012

This article published Wed 18th April in the nzherald.co.nz concerning the argument for print advertising vs online advertising in the real estate industry is a good one.  The real estate industry relies on the image of a property to make that first impression and both online advertising and print advertising in this market do it well.


But my argument and of course it seems to be the argument of the property.co.nz chief executive Alistair Helmis that online advertising for the main is increasing in popularity. 


Online advertising can also offer videos to show off a product and service and videos are becoming great tools for exposure in many markets that rely on images and what industry doesn’t rely on making a great first impression?


Social media marketing is a great way to tell others you have connected with what you have to sell and they can tell their connections and so on and so forth.


However, we all love to pick up a property press and dream about our next big purchase (gulp mortgage) but I bet like me many people go home and log on to have a really good look around.  This behavior then leads us to look at what else is available on offer online at the same price range and probably a bit more.


Having a web presence and offering Internet marketing experts is something we take seriously because we know what people are looking for, where they are looking and how they are looking.


Here’s a tip for website owners who want to start local business marketing and are unsure of what to do when it comes to print advertising or online advertising – why not try both?  Worried about the budget, one idea is to think about a placing a smaller ad in print in your local paper that links directly to a landing page or even a promotion landing page on your website. 


You will then be able to see results or find out relatively quickly whether this is something your local market is interested in purchasing.


As not only Internet Marketing experts but communications experts we can help you connect with your local market for direct results.

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